Packaging Material




EPE Sheet, EPE Bag, EPE Rolll

珍珠棉紙, 珍珠棉袋, 珍珠棉卷裝




Blister &Folded Boxes Packing—Antistatic & Non-static Blister, Tray, Edging &Clam Shell

真空成型(吸塑產品)—可提供防靜電及普通吸塑, 摺盒, 保護膜


Electrostatic Control Products—Static Shielding Bags ,Black Conductive Bag, Antistatic PE bags, Embossed Carrier Tapes, Black Conductive Foams, Antistatic Bubble Bag

抗靜電包裝抗靜電袋, 黑色導電袋, 防靜電袋, 導電發泡綿, 防靜電氣珠袋


Various EPE Products



Filter Sponge



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